1. thank god the album “under my skin” by avril lavigne exists 

  2. 23:55 31st Aug 2014

    Notes: 1

    my life is like a really poor romcom sometimes and I don’t at all mean that in a good way

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  6. 01:56 27th Aug 2014

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    how do you date someone your best friend hates?

    how do you date to be honest, man, like I don’t even know anymore

  7. Need to make a playlist of film music for my stall for work at a festival tomorrow but I’m just sitting here singing along to disney princess songs, I’m useless

  8. I keep thinking about the time you said, if I had asked you would have eloped, but I didn’t ask and it’s funny how weird that sounds to me now because I barely have the strength to ask you how you are these days

    I would have never imagined we would be where we are now

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