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    Get to Know Me Meme: [3/15] Relationships » Bette & Tina
    ↳ “I just want her back.”

  4. panicstrawberrypanic:

Rita Volk + Katie Stevens


    Rita Volk + Katie Stevens

  5. rebeccakathryn:

    First Aid Kit - Emmylou (Cover by Kina Grannis & Daniela Andrade)

  6. it’s 3am and I’m listening to anastacia and not feeling good about it

  7. quite offended that my manager pulled me aside today and told me to stop flirting with one of the team members

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    "ooh I really fancy a banana haven’t had one in a while"

    -eats banana-

    -feels sick, tongue starts to itch, chest feels a bit tight-

    oh yeah that’s why 

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